Duo WP of Dendrophilia by Jan Erik Mikalsen

Dendrophilia received its world premiere @ Biermannsgården, Oslo in August 2021. The piece was commissioned by Birgitte Volan Håvik and Sunniva Rødland in 2020 and the world premiere was postponed due to the pandemic. Birgitte and I love the piece, a duo in four movements, approx.20 minutes in duration, in which the second harp is […]

New electronic solo works by Natasha Barrett & David Bratlie 2023

Receiving the Norwegian Government Grants for Artists 2020-2022 has made it possible for me to develop new repertoire for the harp in the last few years. I have been working on multiple fronts; continuing to develop projects and focusing on climate challenges through the topics Permaculture and Rewilding. Currently, I am collaborating with the composers […]

Permatrio program launch January 2023

Permatrio launched their program in January 2023. The concert was arranged by Periferien Concert Series at Kroloftet in Oslo. Four composers were asked to compose for our trio and we were very excited to finally present their music to our audience. We will be performing the program again at Høstriss (Østfold) in November 23. Please […]

Statens kunstnerstipend 2020-22

Sunniva Rødland received the Norwegian Government Grants for Artists from 2020-2022! Her project is about climate change, balance in nature and our interconnection with nature. On the agenda are commissions of new pieces, solo and chamber music, performances, recordings and developing her use of electronics and improvisation. First performances are scheduled for 2021. Stay tuned! […]

Reviews of “Postures”

Klassisk musikkmagasin: http://klassiskmusikk.com/review/postures/ Anmeldelse av Trond Erikson i den klassiske CD-bloggen: https://klassiskcd.blogspot.com/2020/01/harpens-magi_15.html?fbclid=IwAR2z3pELEbJ8HnA4gnTuPcsJbioWek9H4sfSTfCHfcxSYeHntonaQ_72NQ8 You can purchase the CD for 169,- NOK + mailing fees by contacting me on sunnivaharpist at gmail.com

The Dutch Harp Festival Postponed to May 2021

Vortex Room will be visiting the Dutch Harp Festival in Utrecht May 15-16 2021! Experience the full installation of the polyphonic electric harp (developed by Sunniva Rødland and Notam) in the beautiful piece by Erik Dæhlin. 36 speaker elements, one for each string on the harp hangs from the ceiling, surrounding the audience. Multiple performances.

New CD available now!

😀 Check out my new CD “Postures” at LAWO store or e-mail me on sunnivaharpist at gmail.com to purchase!! Read the reviews by scrolling this post. 🙂 Nominated to Der Deutsche Klassikpreis ! WITH THE HARP AS HER MEANS OF EXPRESSION On the CD “Postures”, harpist Sunniva Rødland takes us into a tonal landscape that […]

John Cage: Postcards from Heaven – Tour

Tour of 2019  John Cage: Postcards from Heaven En liten time, omsluttet av klangen fra mange harper, dype og lyse vibrasjoner, stillstand. 9.mai Nesodden kirke 26.mai Domkirkeodden, Hamar 11.juni Ishavskatedralen, Tromsø 13.juni Nordlyskatedralen, Alta 12.november Vår Frue kirke, Trondheim 19.november Gamle Aker kirke, Oslo Postcards from Heaven – et verk av John Cage for harpe […]