Permatrio program launch January 2023

Permatrio launched their program in January 2023. The concert was arranged by Periferien Concert Series at Kroloftet in Oslo. Four composers were asked to compose for our trio and we were very excited to finally present their music to our audience. We will be performing the program again at Høstriss (Østfold) in November 23. Please contact us for bookings or more info about the project.


Elisabeth Holmertz, voice – Sigrun Rogstad Gomnæs, percussion – Sunniva Rødland, harp and electronics


Jan Martin Smørdahl: jorda vendes, for voice, harp, percussion and electronics,

text by

Lars Mørch Finborud (excerpt from «vi lider av sol, vi lider av regn», 2022)



Jenny Hettne: T(h)ree, for soprano, harp, percussion and electronics (2021)

1. Habitat

2. It’s irreversible

3. As «blåvinge, sorgmantel, amiral»


Jonas Skaarud: Gardens, harp, percussion and electronics (2022)


Improvisation by Permatrio




Mer om Permatrio: Trykk her



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